The Miss Word of Steam Engines Awards Ceremony was held on the 5th of July 2008 in Wolsztyn. Our company was one of the sponsors of the Awards Ceremony.

The purpose of the contest is, among the other things, the popularization of unique, still operating steam engines. Through fun and joy, information on Wolsztyn and its fascinating, still operating steam engines reaches people who have never heard of them.

The original way of providing knowledge on the steam rail in an interesting form which compares women's beauty with the charm of dignified steam engines gives the event an entertaining nature and brings excellent promotional results.

During the Awards Ceremony, the audience is led through a fascinating world of steam rail in Europe accompanied by beautiful women, with the accompaniment of Wolsztyn's pride, the "Beautiful Helen" ("Piękna Helena") whistle.

We are exceedingly proud that we can support events promoting our region.