On Friday the 23rd of January 2009 in the city sports hall "Świtezianka" the annual New Year meeting with the Starost of Wolsztyn, Ryszard Kurp, took place.

For the fifth time in the chronicle of district affairs during the New Year's meeting and festive gala, the businessmen received nominations and economy awards of the Starost of Wolsztyn in the shape of "Gold logo" statues. These awards are granted in appreciation of the economical achievements and the support of local administrations in the year 2008.

Nominations and "Gold logo" statues distinguish firms of Wolsztyn soil for their economical achievements, the high quality of the services and products they offer, the innovations they introduce, the technology and the support of any kind of local parishes and the district, national and international promotions and all other operations adding to the development of our little homeland.

The title of laureate and "Gold logo" statues in economical achievements category got amongst others: Dębowa Polska - Jerzy Markiewicz & Leszek Markiewicz, general partnership.