NEW - Book - published in 5 volumes Dębowa Polska
NEW - Book - published in 5 volumes


This Horace's Latin sentence has been widely and commonly used for centuries.
"Do read" the book thoughtfully and let yourself be brought into the time of intellectual and flavor charm. Do think deeply about those Ancient monks rewriting similar books in vast scriptoria while their clever brothers were wandering in meadows and fields seeking for herbs to create elixir of life. In vain. It was the end of the second millenium when it was invented. It was the Polish Land where it took place. It's  name is the title of the book you are holding in your hand.

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„Dębowa Polska spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp. k., ul. Wolsztyńska 56, 64-212 Siedlec
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